Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Questions:

We’re a group of multi-talented passionate people who are here to serve all the people out there to merge their ideas into creating something unique and exceptional. We love to help everyone out there by all means. We always think and put in efforts out of the box to create something one of a kind. Go Digitizing was started in 2008 to serve all the customers looking for single window for all of their solutions. We need all your support to grow more as we had been throughout past years.

We have multiple services like: Logo Designing, Video Editing, Animation, Embroidery Digitizing, Vector Arts, Color Separations, Software Development and many more. All of them can be seen under the services tab of our website. We try to put in all the efforts in every single order that we get. We try to get every single business owner out there all the perspective that they need in order to start, what they had been thinking of for such a long time.

It’s pretty when you work with us. There are multiple options for placing an order for any of the services either it’s for Logo Designing, Digitizing, Vector Art or for App Development. First one is to visit the page of the service that you need and fill in the form there. It’s super easy to fill that in and submit. Second is to email us, which is a normal and routine task for everyone. Third is to book an appointment with our highly experienced and trained customer support agents, who can guide you through all the trouble or the idea that you have in your mind. You can place your Digitizing, Vector and Logo Designing orders through our online portal as well at you would need to register yourself there or talk to a customer support agent to help you built a client’s profile.

We accept all the major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We also accept Paypal as well.

Our pricing is divided into multiple segments. Please visit: for further details.

You can click on the Register Now button on the top right or visit: and click the register now link there.

We have different departments and different shifts working timely to provide services to all of the customers out there. Our production department works 24×6 in order to provide stream less service to all of our precious clients. But, in order to maintain the quality of the work, we give them Sundays off so, that charge there batteries through the day and get back and rolling from Monday on wards.

We are just a blink away, faster than you can say “HI!” There are a lot of ways to get in touch with us. Through live chat is the easiest or you can call us at 716-566-5881 and after office hours (9:00am to 5:00pm) 703-468-8556. We are also available over whatsapp at this number. You can email us at or

You can place in your order in any of the following formats: jpg, jpeg, png, tif, gif, bmp, doc, docx, xlx, xlsx, cdr, ai, eps, and pdf or in any link that you would like to share.

We have always done whatever is possible, in order to maintain client’s privacy. We are a secure website. None of the private information is to be shared with any third parties out there. Our database and forms are also secure. We have an intelligent cyber security team maintaining all the necessary items at the back end.

Our money back guarantee applies to technical issues only. If there is any issue with the file in terms of quality, we’ll happily fix it or put it up as a credit on client’s account. As per the nature of the product, our refund policy does not cover any other reason.

All of the prices are quoted in USD unless and until specifically asked for any.

Your free account enables you to access all your old and new designs at a single portal.

There are various to pay for things. Per order, weekly or Monthly. There are some of the services that we offer which require payment in advance (complete or partial). All the details are mentioned or discussed prior to entertaining the order.

Automatically, as soon as the charge is made against an order or an invoice, a receipt is sent to your registered email address.

Our online portal is super easy to use and compatible with almost any browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge etc.

For bulk orders, like 20+ orders/ day you can avail the bulk pricing offers. Contact us by any means. Contact us for more queries.

Related to Logo Designing:

Yes. Logo designing or concept based art is one of the most exceptional services we have. There are hundreds of people satisfied with the service. You can visit:

There are different packages in the pricing page. It has all the packages along with the basic information. If still, there is a need of a custom package, you can contact us by all means at +1 716-566-5881 or

Required time to ensure a delivery back for logo designing order is between 3 to 24 hours depending upon the industry and client’s criteria for an ideal identity.

Final files of the logo would consist of 3 different formats: PNG, PDF and an EPS file.

As per the policy, any changes after the purchase of the design except minor s like color or font changes would be considered as a new order.

All of the samples that our customers are pleased with are in the portfolio tab on the website or visit:

Questions related to Embroidery Digitizing:

Yes, we do. You can either place in the quotes on online portal or through email whichever is easier for you. There is a separate tab for quotes in the database. All the quotes are valid for 24 to 48 hours at most.

We use Wilcom Embroidery Studio & PULSE by Tajima PXF. These both are the most used software throughout in the industry.

The usual turnaround time is 8 working hours. We also have rush service in which the design can be returned as per the client’s requirement. If the client requires the order back in 2 hours and if it’s doable, we’ll be making sure to send it back in the desired turn around.

When you order a digitizing job from us, we sent back files in 3 formats. 1st one is to show you how your design looks in JPG or PNG. 2nd one is to view the color sequence and stats of your design in a simple PDF format. 3rd are the embroidery files. Embroidery files have specific formats that work from software to software and vary from embroidery machine to embroidery machine.

The best person to answer this question would be your current Embroiderer. They would definitely know what files are useful. If you are not sure of which file to use, we suggest getting a .DST file; which eventually works for most of the people out there.

No. It doesn’t work like. There are different approaches for different placements. A hat design is centered out, a left chest one would have 25% the amount of stitches as the full back and a full back would be so big that it would consume a lot of your time. Small ones when used at big areas create gaps and spaces & big ones when used in small areas ends up with extra big, giant knotted mess.

No, we do not use any type of stock fonts. All orders are digitized by manual strategy by one of our experienced digitizers.

Yes, if the artwork is bad or if a previous sew out is provided instead of the artwork, this might delay the digitizing order. We can definitely work off from just about anything but this just delays the process as we would need to send the art to our art department.

Questions related to Vector Arts:

We use Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator for Vector Conversions. We also use Adobe Photoshop for digital arts.

We are able to convert all the images into 2D or halftones based vector arts for you. Whether it a car, tractor, house or a ship. We will design them with our expertise of getting as much detail as possible for professional use or for other printing requirements.

Vector files can be opened in many different programs. Unless you are using professional software like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw you might not be able to edit the vector files as per your requirements. We do provide a .pdf file along with the vector files which can be opened anywhere. If you still have some issues in the opening up the files, email us with the order name, number and program along with the version of it and we’ll get back to you with a proper solution of it.

Vector files don’t rely on DPI (Dots-per-inch) because they are not made from dots. They are made from lines that are re-scalable. Vector Arts can be resized without sacrificing the quality of the image/work. Raster files or images on the other hand completely depend on DPI because they have certain restrictions.

Questions for Animations & Video-Editing:

Here at Go Digitizing, we create informative, meaningful and innovative videos for our clients. Either they are 2D or 3D, every video is precisely made with creativity and efforts. We discuss the idea with the clients or we ask them for something similar to their requirement so that we would get the idea and the mindset of the final product that the clients are looking for. Everything that we do is custom and are exclusively made.

Normally, a 60 seconds video would take 4-6 weeks approximately depending upon the context. If the project is more complex, a larger team would be needed to fulfill those requirements and the delivery of the final product would be extended till 6-10 weeks. However, If there are any urgent projects; they are dealt with separately as per the requirements.

An average explainer video varies between 60 to 120 seconds. Can go for more time period as well, as per the requirement of the customer but this is the standard market time period. Every single project is different and has a different topic of interest with a different target audience so the actual length is dependable at several variables.

Once the video is delivered, you have full copyrights of the video and you can use it as needed. We normally ask everyone for approval to be added into our portfolio.

You can reach us using our email address, contact form or live chat and we would provide a free consultation and gather details of your project. We’ll provide a quick quote for your approval, and once we agree on that along with delivery terms.

We require minimum of 50% deposit to initiate and process the project and the other 50% as soon as the project is completed and we have your satisfaction. We take all the major credit cards and PayPal is also an option.